Web and mobile apps

With our strong R&D capacity and our web and database experience, we develop satellite imagery and elevation data adapted for web and mobile apps.

We are attentive to all actors implied in the application development chain, from developers to marketers. We adopt a true pro-active approach in order to offer satellite imagery and elevation data meeting the needs of professionals.

Application fields

  • Web-mapping
  • Web & software apps
  • Mobile apps


Web mapping applications and geolocation solutions have greatly expanded over the past years. Many web map services have developed, some with a global reach, and others at a more national scale. Satellite imagery is prominent in all those web solutions.

PlanetObserver partners with major actors of the French market, both with geolocation APIs such as ViaMichelin and Mappy, and with Geoportail, the French cartographic portal displaying reference public geographic data.

PlanetSAT satellite imagery is used as global base maps displayed in those route-planner, mapping and geographic information websites.

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Case study: ViaMichelin

Web & software apps

Web & software apps

Software and web applications, both for private and business users, are widely spread today.

PlanetObserver satellite imagery and elevation data are particularly adapted to all visualization and data geolocation solutions, in many sectors:

Conseil général des Alpes Maritimes
  • GIS software
  • Real estate solutions
  • Geomarketing solutions
  • Fleet management
  • Geolocation services for different sectors (logistics, transport, humanitarian aid, etc.)

Case study: BeWapp

Mobile apps

 Mobile apps

Mobile apps derived from the mapping sector expand greatly. On top of major proprietary platforms that occupy a large market share, focused apps with satellite imagery and elevation data are being developed, both for private and business users.

Here are a few examples of mobile apps based on PlanetObserver satellite imagery and elevation data:

RS-Datentechnick / Sky-Map

Aviation moving map and flight planner application based on PlanetSAT 15 satellite imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data over Europe.

Sensetrails / Equiparcours

2D geolocation app for horse riding in Europe, based on topographic maps combined with PlanetSAT 2.5 high resolution satellite imagery.

Xample / Air Navigation Pro

Flight-planning and real-time navigation application for aircrafts, that integrates PlanetSAT satellite imagery combined with PlanetDEM elevation data at the global scale.

Harper Collins / Atlas by Collins™

Interactive atlas presenting geographic and geopolitical information on a selection of themed globes, featuring satellite views from PlanetObserver. PlanetSAT 15 global imagery product has been selected as the global basemap for displaying different information such as Unesco world heritage sites, global population distribution, etc.

Case study: Xample