PlanetObserver products
Satellite imagery and elevation data

High quality geospatial data for professionals

PlanetObserver ensures your project sucess by providing adapted solutions, should you need data for internal use or for clients’ applications.
All PlanetObserver products, including PlanetSAT satellite imagery, PlanetDEM elevation data and PlanetAIR aerial photography, are available off-the-shelf, ready to be integrated in any software and application.


With its solid expertise in satellite imagery processing, PlanetObserver presents PlanetSAT, a unique offer for very high resolution satellite imagery and global basemaps in natural colours, available down to a resolution of 2.5 meters. Offering vibrant colours and seamless coverage, PlanetSAT imagery is perfect to enrich your projects and applications !

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PlanetObserver presents PlanetDEM, a new range of truly global elevation products offering reliable and accurate information. Available at different resolution levels, PlanetDEM elevation models are perfect for a variety of projects and applications, ranging from visualization and simulation solutions to satellite imagery orthorectification.

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PlanetObserver has brought its vast experience in imagery processing to orthophotography and offers PlanetAIR, a unique range of high resolution aerial photography with vivid colours and high details. We provide aerial photography of France, available off-the-shelf, and of any place in the world through our on-demand sourcing service with our partners’ network.

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