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Pleiades Satellite Image - 50 cm

Detroit, Michigan, USA
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SPOT 6 Satellite Image - 1.5m

Mitchell Island, Vancouver, Canada
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PlanetSAT 2.5 basemap

Vesuve, Italy

PlanetSAT Very High Resolution

VHR satellite imagery on demand

Check out our new offer for Very High Resolution imagery, available for any area of interest across the world. We offer a full service, from raw data selection from our suppliers’ large database, to processing and delivery of ready-to-use satellite imagery, within short lead times.

A comprehensive offer for Very High Resolution Imagery

Being an authorized reseller of Airbus Defence & Space geospatial data, we benefit from a privileged access to a large range of Very High Resolution imagery products. Depending on your project, we will offer the satellite imagery best suited to your needs, in terms of quality, budget and lead time.

Our service covers the full supply chain, from imagery selection, enhanced colour processing to the delivery of ready-to-use natural colour satellite imagery, processed according to your specifications. Our offer for Very High Resolution imagery meets all your technical standards, in terms of projection, tiling structure, file format, etc.

Discover our offer for Very High Resolution imagery on demand:

50 cm


1.5 m

SPOT 6/7

2.5 m

PlanetSAT 2.5

Pleiades – Resolution 50 cm

The proven agility and reactivity of Pleiades satellites is a key asset to offer in-depth archives of high quality satellite imagery for all parts of the world. With 50cm resolution, Pleiades satellite imagery provides unique detailed geographic information, adapted to 1:2000 scale mapping.

SPOT 6/7 – Resolution 1.5m

With daily revisits to any point on the globe, SPOT 6/7 satellites collect an impressive amount of archive imagery, offering a large choice of satellite imagery for all your projects. SPOT 6/7 satellite images have a 1.5m resolution, perfect for 1:5000 scale mapping.

PlanetSAT 2.5 – Resolution 2.5m

PlanetSAT 2.5 imagery basemaps are value-added products derived from SPOTMaps 2.5 products. Offering enhanced visual quality and seamless data, PlanetSAT 2.5 basemaps cover about 70% of the Earth’s land surface at 2.5m resolution, the perfect solution for 1:10,000 scale mapping.

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Pleiades Satellite Image - 50cm - Orange Velodrome, Marseille, France

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Pleiades Satellite Image - 50cm - Royal Palace of Brussels, Belgium

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SPOT 6 Satellite Image - 1.5m - Bauxite residue containment site, Saguenay, Canada

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SPOT 6 Satellite Image - 1.5m - Forbidden City, Beijing, China

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PlanetSAT 2.5 basemap - Venice, Italy

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PlanetSAT 2.5 basemap - Chiprana, Spain

Enrich your projects with PlanetSAT Very High Resolution imagery offer

The accuracy of Very High Resolution satellite imagery constitutes a major asset to give value to your professional projects across a wide range of sectors:

  • Visualization and simulation solutions, both civil and military
  • Web mapping and smartphone applications
  • Graphic solutions for broadcast and weather
  • Audiovisual production
  • Mapping and illustration (print/web)

3D animation created by Ask GmbH with Trivis Weather Graphics software (PlanetSAT 2.5 high resolution imagery of Hong Kong)

PlanetObserver service +

How to order PlanetSAT Very High Resolution satellite imagery? The process is easy:

Projection on-demand

Data projection of your choice to supply a ready-to-use product.

Rapid delivery

Short delivery time for any imagery supply.

Format of your choice

Data supplied in standard or customized professional file formats.

Technical support

We provide constant technical support, to better serve our customers.

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