Clermont-Ferrand, France – 10/12/14

PlanetObserver is proud to announce its 25th year anniversary as a unique supplier of high quality value-added geospatial data.

In 1989, a young French geologist decided to expand the usage of satellite images that used to be mainly restricted to researchers, to make them available to a large public as natural colour mosaics. This was revolutionary at that time! The press published totally unique satellite images of Europe, long before the breakthrough of the internet and digital technology in the cartography sector. This was the very beginning of the company PlanetObserver, initially called M-SAT Editions.

25 years later, PlanetObserver has remained committed to the company’s founding principle: producing the most beautiful satellite image mosaics of the Earth. With their high visual quality and advanced colour balance, PlanetObserver satellite imagery can be found in route-planning websites, smartphone navigation apps, and content production solutions for tv stations and weather services. With the development of a new range of high quality global elevation products, the company is also positioned in the defense and energy sectors.

In front of the major changes of the geospatial industry, this French small business has always demonstrated a great ability to adapt and progress in a challenging environment marked today by a number of big players. Here are the keys to the company’s success: total control over the production chain, extensive R&D, flexibility and a partner network in France and across the world.

PlanetSAT imagery products and PlanetDEM elevation data produced by PlanetObserver are distributed in Europe, North America and Asia through a network of resellers and partners developing innovative solutions. The US company East View Geospatial is newly in charge of the distribution of PlanetSAT and PlanetDEM products on the North American market. In order to broaden its product offering, PlanetObserver has also established strategic alliances with major data suppliers, such as AIRBUS Defense & Space.

“PlanetObserver is a supplier of strong value-added geospatial products recognized on European and North American markets. Our strategy is to consolidate this position by offering even better support and new products to our customers and partners, and entering new markets, particularly in Asia where there is a strong demand for cartographic products”, says Laurent Masselot, CEO and founder of PlanetObserver.

PlanetObserver thanks the many clients and partners across the world that rely on PlanetObserver products and services.

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