PlanetDEM, a range of high quality global elevation data adapted to Defense standards.

Since the launch of PlanetDEM product range, there has been a large demand for PlanetDEM 90 and PlanetDEM 30 elevation data, particularly in the Defense industry. PlanetDEM products are specially adapted for all military applications, ranging from visualization and modeling to simulation and training.

Benefits of PlanetDEM elevation data are:

  • Elevation products with global coverage
  • DTED formats adapted to Defense standards
  • Special offers for global and continental products
  • Off-the-shelf products available immediately

Both in France and across the world, users appreciate the quality of PlanetDEM elevation products and PlanetObserver customer service in terms of flexibility and rapid delivery.

Corporate references in the Defense industry range from Thales Optronique, Airbus Helicopters, to the Estonian Defense Forces and a number of companies in the US and Israel.

Some of our OEM partners offer PlanetDEM elevation data embedded in solutions dedicated to the Defense sector, including:

  • VirtualGeo solution from Diginext
  • STK solution distributed in France by Agenium

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more on PlanetDEM elevation data.

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