Production of new PlanetSAT 10 base maps using Sentinel-2A satellite imagery will start in September 2015.

Sentinel-2A satellite has been successfully launched last night from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. As part of European Earth observation programme Copernicus, Sentinel-2A satellite will collect satellite images of all land surfaces at 10-meter resolution. With its revisiting capacity every 10 days, Sentinel-2A satellite shall supply high quality data of the entire land surface.

PlanetObserver is preparing for the processing of Sentinel-2A imagery. Production of new natural colour imagery base maps at 10-meter resolution using Sentinel-2A data will start in September 2015. Sentinel-2A images benefit from a large swath that will help optimizing production time and enable to offer value-added imagery base maps within shorter delivery time. Those new base maps called PlanetSAT 10 will complement PlanetSAT existing portfolio of global and regional imagery base maps.

PlanetSAT range includes the following imagery products today:

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