Great 3D maps for weather presentations created with PlanetSAT imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data.

Hong Kong Observatory, which is Hong Kong local weather service, has chosen Trivis Weather Graphix solution for the creation and visualization of weather information. Best adapted to create graphic animations and 3D videos, Trivis Weather Graphix system selected by HKO is based on PlanetSAT 150 global imagery base map, combined with PlanetSAT 2.5 imagery and PlanetDEM 30 elevation data over Hong Kong.

All 2D and 3D weather maps and animations created with Trivis Weather Graphix are displayed on different platforms, including web and mobile apps.

Hong Kong - PlanetSAT 2.5 satellite image

For almost 5 years, the German company Ask GmbH offers to its clients PlanetSAT imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data embedded in Trivis Weather Graphix solution. Final users, i.e. weather services and broadcasting companies, benefit from the great visual quality of PlanetSAT imagery and the accuracy of PlanetDEM elevation data.

Users of Trivis Weather Graphix solution based on PlanetObserver weather maps range from weather channel to a number of weather services of Germany, South Africa, Cuba, Zambia and Hong Kong.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on PlanetSAT imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data.

If you’re a developer of graphic solutions, we are here to offer best adapted « plug-and-play » mapping products.

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