3D modeling of the Reunion island with PlanetAIR aerial photography and PlanetDEM elevation data

3D flight over the Reunion island for “Diagonale des Fous” ultra-trail 2015

The 3D modeling project of the Reunion island has been implemented for a major annual sporting event, the “Diagonale des Fous” ultra-trail. This 160 km mountain ultramarathon race takes the runners to steep tracks across the island.

The company Kalkin specialized in outdoor sports digitalization has used Kelmis solution to create this 3D model of the island. PlanetObserver has supplied PlanetAIR aerial photography and PlanetDEM elevation data.

The result is stunning! You experience in 1 minute the trail that runners accomplish in 24 to 60 hours.

The combination of PlanetAIR aerial photography with PlanetDEM elevation data is unique to reveal the mountainous relief of the Reunion island.

Take just 1 minute to watch the video, thrills guaranteed!

We regularly supply imagery or aerial photography and elevation data for 3d modeling projects.

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