Image of the month: PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation data of Greece

The map features Greece and its neighbouring countries, including the Southern tip of Italy on the West side and the mediterranean shore of Turkey and Bosphorus on the East side.

Greece has very specific geographic patterns. The country consists of a large mainland ending at the Peloponnese peninsula and a large number of islands that amount for 20% of its total territory. All islands are very nicely featured on the image. This is due to the high resolution of PlanetDEM 30 elevation data that have been used to create the map.

PlanetDEM 30 elevation data provide precise and reliable information at 30m resolution that is perfect for 3D mapping. The product offers a global coverage, including regions beyond 60° north latitude.

For more information on PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation data, please contact us at 33 4 73 44 19 00 or leave a message on the contact page.

For Greece National Day, 21 March.

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