PlanetObserver uses Sentinel-2 satellite images that are part of the spatial component of Copernicus programme. Sentinel-2 data will enrich PlanetSAT 15 global imagery basemap.

Copernicus is the Earth Observation European programme, formerly called Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES). It is a joint initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union that aims at developing an autonomous and operational Earth observation capacity for Europe. Copernicus spatial programme is based on satellites for land, ocean and atmospheric monitoring, including Sentinel-2 satellite launched in June 2015.

The Copernicus Value Chain Workshop organized by the European Commission in Brussels on 26-27 April 2016 aims at identifying needs and expectations of all Copernicus programme users.

As an active actor in the geospatial industry, PlanetObserver is already taking advantage of Sentinel-2 imagery. Those 10-meter satellite data will enrich shortly PlanetSAT 15 global imagery basemap developed by PlanetObserver.

PlanetObserver is regularly involved in discussions with representatives from the Copernicus programme and SMEs and companies developing projects with Sentinel data. Sharing experience and evaluating possible synergies is always very valuable. This upcoming workshop should prove that once more!

If you want to meet us during the Copernicus Value Chain Workshop, don’t hesitate to leave your contact details in the contact form or call us at +33 4 73 44 19 00. We’ll get back to you very shortly.

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