Satellite image of Angkor, Cambodia

Image of the month: Satellite image of Angkor, Cambodia, from PlanetSAT 15 L8 basemap processed with fresh Landsat 8 imagery

Major archeological site protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor was one of the capital cities of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to 15th centuries. Angkor houses many landmarks and temples, whose largest and most famous is Angkor Wat. Located in the southern part of the archeological complex, the temple Angkor Wat is surrounded by a moat that can be clearly seen on the satellite image in light green colour. At center of the image is the Royal City of Angkor Thom, in a square shape with 3 kilometers on each side. The satellite image also shows the West Baray, a large reservoir located just west of the site. The East Baray is a now dry reservoir but its outlines remain clearly visible.

This satellite image comes from PlanetSAT 15 L8 imagery basemap, the perfect cartographic solution for mapping scale down to 1:50,000. Processed with fresh and cloudless Landsat 8 source data, PlanetSAT 15 L8 imagery offers high quality geographic information on all territories.

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For Cambodia National Day, 9 November.

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