Satellite image of Mount Fuji, Japan

Image of the month: Satellite image of Mount Fuji, Japan, from PlanetSAT 15 L8 basemap processed with fresh Landsat 8 imagery

Located 100 kilometers south-west of Tokyo, Mount Fuji is not only the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776 meters but also the iconic symbol of the country. Its exceptionally symmetrical cone is well know around the world. Mount Fuji was added to UNESCO World Heritage List as “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”.

The satellite image at 15-meter resolution shows clearly the different climbing routes to the summit, and the second crater of the volcano halfway down its southeastern side at around 2,300 meters.

This satellite image comes from PlanetSAT 15 L8 imagery basemap that covers not only Japan but all Asia, the Middle Asia, Northern Africa and Oceania. Processed with up-to-date and cloudless Landsat 8 imagery, PlanetSAT 15 L8 basemap is a unique mapping solution ready-to-use in different professional formats.

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For Japan National Day, 23 December.

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