Satellite image of Tungabhadra reservoir, India

Image of the month: Satellite image of Tungabhadra reservoir, India, from PlanetSAT 15 L8 basemap processed with fresh Landsat 8 imagery

Located in Southern India, the Tungabhadra River is a tributary of the Krishna River. Built in the fifties, the Tungabhadra Dam has created a large reservoir serving irrigation, electricity generation and flood control. However, siltation issues have drastically reduced the water storage capacity of the dam.

The satellite image extracted from PlanetSAT 15 L8 imagery basemap shows clearly the green waters of the Tungabhadra reservoir, the dam on the northeast side and the meanders of the river on the west side.

PlanetSAT 15 L8 imagery basemap covers India, the whole Indian subcontinent, Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa. Europe will be available very soon. Processed with fresh and cloudless Landsat 8 imagery, PlanetSAT 15 L8 is a high quality cartographic solution perfect for GIS projects, visualization and simulation tools, and mapping projects, both for commercial and military purposes.

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For India National Day, 26 January.

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