Welcome to the new European Earth observation satellite Sentinel-2B

PlanetObserver will take advantage of satellite images from the Sentinel-2 mission to update PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap

After the successful launch of Sentinel-2A in June 2015, the twin satellite Sentinel-2B has joined it in the same 786-km orbit. Together, they will deliver satellite images every 5 days with a ground swath of 290 km and a resolution of 10 meters for the visible bands (Red-Green-Blue). Sentinel-2B satellite is part of the European Union’s Copernicus global environmental monitoring and security programme.

This new satellite imagery source is perfect to update PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap (previously called PlanetSAT 15). Processed up to now with Landsat 8 data at 15m resolution, PlanetSAT Global basemap will be enriched with Sentinel-2 satellite images at 10m that offer a much higher level of details. The viewing scale goes from 1:50,000 for Landsat 8 images to 1:35,000 for Sentinel-2 data. Just check out, at the top of the page, the satellite image of Paris processed with Sentinel-2 data.

As part of the new PlanetSAT Global annual maintenance program, Sentinel-2 satellite images will be used to update on a yearly basis all major urban areas and capital cities across the world. Offering up-to-date imagery is essential for many territories that are constantly changing, such as Southeast Asia, China or the Middle East.

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(PlanetSAT Global is the new name of PlanetSAT 15 product).

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