Satellite image of the Casamance River, Senegal

Image of the month: PlanetSAT Global satellite image of the Casamance River, Senegal processed with Landsat 8 imagery

The Casamance river mouth stretches all the way to the city of Ziguinchor that lies on the shore of the river around 70 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. Meanders and backwaters are highly present in this region of Lower Casamance in the Southwest of Senegal.

Extracted from PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap at 15-meter resolution, this satellite image is processed with up-to-date and cloudless Landsat 8 data. PlanetSAT Global constitutes a high quality geographic information layer, perfect for all civil and military visualization and simulation solutions.

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For Senegal National Day, 4 April.

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