PlanetSAT satellite image of Gdańsk, Poland

Image of the month: PlanetSAT satellite image of Gdańsk, Poland processed with Landsat 8 data

Located on the Baltic coast, Gdańsk is Poland’s principal seaport. Gdańsk historical shipyard and the old port are found on Ostrow island and on the right shore of the river that crosses the city. Gdańsk is also well known for its historical and cultural heritage, its majestic architecture and the white sandy beaches that strech along the Baltic.

This satellite image comes from PlanetSAT Global basemap that covers the planet at 15m resolution. Processed mainly with up-to-date Landsat 8 data, PlanetSAT Global is the quality mapping solution for all GIS applications and visualization solutions.

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For Poland National Day, 3 May.

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