PlanetObserver at CEPIC Congress 2017 for image banks

PlanetObserver content of satellite images is represented by Universal Images Group at CEPIC annual congress.

CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage) is a major organization of the picture industry, federating 600 picture agencies and photo libraries in 20 countries across Europe. It also has affiliates in North America and Asia and includes among its members the big global players such as Getty, Shutterstock or Reuters.

This year, CEPIC organizes its annual Congress in Berlin from 15 to 17 June. This global event gathers the international photo community representing 90% of the market worldwide.

As in previous years, PlanetObserver is represented at the CEPIC Congress by Universal Images Group, our agent in charge of managing the distribution of our content to image banks across the world, including Getty Images.

This year, PlanetObserver has produced hundreds of new satellite images, that are all already available from many image banks. This new content includes great satellite images of the Earth, continents, many countries across the world, and beautiful Caribbean and Pacific islands.

Here is a small glimpse into the whole collection:

Slide background

Flat Earth

Slide background

North Africa

Slide background

Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Slide background

Bora Bora, Polynesia

Slide background

Christmas Island, Kiribati, Micronesia

PlanetObserver satellite images are largely used by the media and entertainment industries, feature and documentary films, news programs, digital and print publishing, web apps, marketing and communication.

To find out more on PlanetObserver satellite images, don’t hesitate to call us at +33 (0) 4 73 44 19 00 or use our inquiry contact form in the contact page. We’ll get back to you very shortly.

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