European Earth Observation actors meet up in Brussels

EARSC Annual General Meeting

EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) is a very dynamic organization that gathers professionals from the space industry and the Earth Observation sector at the European level. Its membership includes many suppliers of geospatial data, such as Airbus Defence & Space, Rapid, Deimos Imaging or Digital Globe UK, and PlanetObserver.

Main focus for EARSC AGM 2017

Each year, EARSC holds a general meeting with all its members in order to discuss past and upcoming actions in the Earth Observation sector and for geospatial data products. This year, the AGM takes place on July 5 in Brussels. During that day, a workshop will also be organized on the issue “Realizing the Value of Earth Observation Products and Services”. Winners of the EARSC Earth Observation Services Company Award and European Earth Observation Product Award will also be disclosed at this occasion.

Another main focus for EARSC is project MAEOS. EARSC is very active in setting up a new marketplace for Earth Observation products. This initiative called MAEOS for “Marketplace Alliance for EO Services” shall promote Earth Observation products and services of EARSC members. This is a great opportunity to have a marketplace where buyers can find European Earth Observation services and geospatial data of all kinds!

PlanetObserver, member of EARSC

In the Earth Observation sector, PlanetObserver is positioned as a leading supplier of value added geospatial data. This is why PlanetObserver has joined EARSC in 2016.

EARSC represents all members of the association for all discussions with European institutions, in particular for Copernicus European Earth Observation Programme. EARSC is also an excellent forum of exchange and networking amongst European actors specialized in geospatial data and Earth Observation services.

With our comprehensive portfolio including satellite imagery and elevation data, PlanetObserver may respond to geospatial data needs for many applications, from 2D and 3D simulation and visualization solutions to GIS projects at the regional, country or global scale.

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EARSC Annual General Meeting – Brussels, 5 July 2017

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