Annual meeting for GIS and geographic data

Esri User Conference 2017 in San Diego

Just like every year, Esri organizes a major meeting in San Diego, California that gathers all GIS actors. This key GIS event is the perfect place to check out the latest developments and innovations of Esri ArcGIS platform and all new geographic data adapted for GIS tools.

Key 2017 GIS topics

As the world leader of the GIS sector, Esri explores all the main trends of GIS and geographic data at each annual conference. This year’s theme is Applying the Science of Where. This new tagline has been adopted by Esri to capture its long history, values and mission.

By taking advantage of Esri advanced GIS software systems that combine geographic data and spatial analysis, users have access to new technologies that address different issues: innovation, science of digital transformation, science of exploration and navigation, science of ecology, etc.

Geographic information systems are always more powerful, geospatial technologies are evolving ever faster and enable high-powered analysis of the environment based on many geographic data sources ready-to-use in GIS tools.

GIS and geographic data

Access to high-quality geographic data is essential in GIS tools in order to perform reliable and efficient analysis of the environment. Users can not only take advantage of topographic maps and vector data, but also enrich their experience with satellite imagery and elevation data that are great to provide context and validation to GIS data.

Esri provides access to different geographic data layers in ArcGIS Online platform. Users can also implement other “ArcGIS ready” data sources, such as PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap and PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation data produced by PlanetObserver. Those global geographic data layers are ready-to-use in a GIS tool and perfect for mapping the whole world or any area of interest.

PlanetObserver geographic data are showcased by East View Geospatial at Esri User Conference 2017. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, East View Geospatial is a leading provider of geospatial data, including satellite imagery, elevation models and vector data.

Find out more on PlanetObserver geographic data on East View Geospatial booth #2130 at Esri UC 2017!

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Esri User Conference 2017 in San Diego, California – July 10-14. 


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