Satellite image of Washington D.C., USA

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Located on the Atlantic coast in the northeast of the U.S., Washington belongs to the District of Columbia (D.C.), hence commonly referred to as Washington D.C. or D.C. to avoid any confusion with Washington State on the northwest side of the country. Although capital of the United States, Washington is only the 21st most populated city in the country. It is mostly home of the federal government, including the Congress in the famous Capitol, and the White House. Unlike all other American cities, Washington’s skyline is low by law and the city center has a very spacious layout with large avenues and parks. As you can see at the center of the image, a large green area stretches across the city center, connecting Lincoln Memorial on the west side with the Capitol to the east, the White House being midway at north.

This satellite image is extracted from PlanetSAT Global basemap. Produced mostly with Landsat 8 imagery data, PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap constitutes a unique cartographic resource ready to be implemented in all virtual globe and moving map applications. It is also a high quality and up-to-date layer of geographic information for your GIS solutions.

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For USA Independence Day, 4 July.

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