Geoinfomation and geodata for GIS at Intergeo trade show

Find out more on PlanetObserver geodata with several exhibitors

Over the years, Intergeo has become the world’s leading conference and trade show for the geodesy, geoinformation and geodata industry. With more than 500 exhibitors, the trade show gathers thousands of visitors from around the world. The major trends of Intergeo 2017 that takes place in Berlin from September 26-28 go from “Smart City solutions” to “Smart cartography”. Geodata are totally central as they are implemented in all those “smart“cartographic solutions.

PlanetObserver geodata offering at Intergeo

PlanetObserver is present at Intergeo through several exhibitors showcasing there their latest products and services. PlanetObserver geodata offering, that includes PlanetSAT high value satellite imagery products, and PlanetDEM elevation data, is represented by the following partners:

  • CloudEO / Hall 3.1, booth C3.056: Geodata portal and market place, including satellite imagery and elevation data;
  • GAF / Hall 3.1, booth B3.030: Supplier of services and solutions developed with multi-source geodata, GAF presents their Copernicus and Service-on-Demand services and future developments in Earth Observation 3D and Virtual Reality;
  • Getmapping / Hall 4, booth A4.053: Producer of very high resolution aerial photography covering UK and supplier of Web Map Services with multi-source geodata.

PlanetObserver geodata are high-performance solutions for GIS applications and all mapping solutions. PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap is a high quality cartographic backdrop that is updated yearly with fresh and cloudless Landsat 8 and very soon Sentinel-2 source data. PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation data bring valuable information at 30-meter resolution on all Earth’s landmass. This is the perfect solution for all 3D visualization applications.

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