Satellite image of North Korea

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Located on the northern part of the Korean peninsula, North Korea is bordered to the North by China, to the Northeast by Russia and to the South by South Korea. The border with China is more than 1,400 km long. The capital city of Pyongyang is situated close the west coast bordered by the Yellow Sea. North Korea is a mountainous country whose highest point is Mount Paektu (2,750 m), an active volcano on the northern border with China. Many mountains ranges and uplands with large forest cover crisscross the country.

Contrast between North and South Korea

With a surface area of about 120,000 sq km, North Korea has a population of 25 million. This differs greatly from its southern neighbour that has more than 50 million inhabitants in a country covering almost 100,000 sq km.

Satellite views of North Korea at night always highlight the great differences between both countries. North Korea is almost pitch black at night, apart from the capital city of Pyongyang that shines faintly in the dark, whereas the numerous urban areas of South Korea are largely illuminated.

The satellite image of North Korea brings out the same differences in terms of urbanization that is very limited in North Korea. Pyongyang, the capital and largest city of North Korea, has 3.2 million inhabitants whereas Seoul, capital city of South Korea, has a population of more than 10 million people.

This satellite image of North Korea comes from PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap. Processed with fresh and cloudless Landsat 8 data, PlanetSAT Global basemap offers a 15-meter resolution for the entire Earth’s landmass.

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