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Located South of Turkey and East of Syria, the island of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily and Sardinia. Due to its geographic location, Cyprus is at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East, and also very close to Northern Africa.

A very revealing satellite image

The satellite image shows very clearly the three distinct regions of the island, from a topographic viewpoint. Along the northern coast of the island, over 160 kilometers, stretches a long and narrow mountain range called the Kyrenia Mountains. In the central area, the Mesaoria plain spreads out, bounded on the east and west by the Mediterranean Sea. Do you see that grayish patch at the center of the plain? This is Nicosia, the largest city on the island. Further south, the Troodos Mountains expand across most of the western side of Cyprus. This is the largest mountain range of the island with Mount Olympus being the highest peak (1,952 meters).

From a geopolitical viewpoint, the island is divided into four areas: the Republic of Cyprus which occupies the southern two-thirds of the island, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the northern third, the United Nations-controlled green line that separates both areas, and two British military base areas on the south coast.

This satellite image of Cyprus comes from PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap. It has been processed with Landsat 8 source data at 15-meter resolution.

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For Cyprus National Day, 1 October

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