Satellite image of Algeria

Image of the month / PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap

With more than 2.3 million square kilometers, Algeria is the largest country in Africa and in the Arab World, and the tenth largest in the world. This vast country shows a great diversity in landscapes, from vast mountain ranges with their highest point at 3,000 meters in the southern part of the country, to the lower elevations of the Tell and Saharan Atlas ranges, with still impressive peaks, along the Mediterranean coast. The Sahara that extends over 80% of the country presents very diverse and stunning scenery, ranging from large stony deserts called regs, and immense areas of sand dunes, such as the Great Western Erg and the Great Eastern Erg.

A satellite image highlighting the diversity of landscapes of Algeria

On many websites, including Google Maps, we’re used to seeing very dull and uniform satellite images of this part of Northern Africa. This does not reflect reality! Algeria is a country offering a great diversity in scenery and colours. The satellite image shows here a large variety in colours ranging from yellow to bright orange in the sand dunes areas, and a diverse range of landscapes and reliefs across the country.

This satellite image of Algeria is extracted from PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap. It has been processed with Landsat 8 source data at 15-meter resolution. PlanetObserver is specialized in satellite data processing in natural colours in order to offer satellite images that are totally representative of landscapes’ reality and diversity.

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For Algeria National Day, 1 November.

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