Check out the new imagery basemap of the United States with Landsat 8 data

Benefit from more than 8 Million sq km of fresh and ready-to-use satellite imagery

PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemap of the United States is now available off-the-shelf! Processed at 15-meter resolution with up-to-date and cloudless Landsat 8 source data, this new basemap covers more than 8 milllion square kilometers. The imagery is ready-to-use in any professional solution, ranging from visualization or simulation applications (e.g. virtual globes, flight simulation) to GIS tools.

Take a tour of the new US basemap!

Cities in the United States

More than 80% of Americans live in cities and 30% live in large urban areas with population over five million! The three largest cities of the country, i.e. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago gather around 40 Million people. Houston holds the fourth position.

Man’s impact

Man’s impact on Earth is not only visible in highly populated areas but only in large spaces. In the large fields of Texas, both rich in oil and natural gas and suitable for intensive farming, or in the large-scale farmland of the Midwest like in Iowa. Other types of production also shape the landscape, like those tree farms that grow Christmas trees in Idaho.

Nature and the wide open spaces of the United States

The United States have always been a symbol of vast open spaces. If you explore the Western United States, you’ll come across the Navajo Nation which is the largest Native American territory across Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Famous sites, such as Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Shiprock and part of Grand Canyon are located there. To the north, the Great Salt Lake in Northern Utah is the largest salt water lake of the American continent, bordered by a huge desert to the west and the Salt Lake City to the southeast. If you cross the United States and head to the west coast, you’ll find at the southern tip of Florida the amazing Everglades Natural Park that extends to the Florida Keys archipelago, a tropical paradise of more than a thousand islands and islets.

Surprising satellite images…

The United States, golf country? If we are in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, California (to the left) or north of Miami, Florida (to the right), both satellite images show how golf courses are everywhere. They are nested in residential areas with unexpected shapes.

PlanetSAT Updates basemaps, ready-to-use in your solutions

Why should you take advantage of PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps? They are efficient basemap layers that offer a true and accurate representation of all land areas. Data are ready and easy to use in any GIS solution or visualization and simulation application.

This new PlanetSAT Updates basemap of the United States follow on the mosaics of Northern Europe and Mexico that have been finalized lately. You’ll find on PlanetSAT Updates page the list of all regions available. More than 50% of the Earth is already covered! If you need a global Earth coverage, you can easily take advantage of PlanetSAT Global basemap.

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