Satellite image of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

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Suvarnabhumi international airport is approximately 30 kilometers east of the center of Bangkok. Open in 2006, it is ranked among the top 10 of Asia’s busiest airports.

The airport squeezes in between Bangkok suburbs to the west and very fragmented farmland to the east.  A few golf courses are scattered in the image, one being just south of the airport runways. Does the vicinity to the airport helps out golfers to concentrate? Who knows…

Sentinel-2 satellite imagery

The satellite image of Bangkok airport has been processed with Sentinel-2 data. This satellite imagery source is part of Copernicus Earth observation program, set up by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union. With 10-meter resolution, Sentinel-2 satellite images are perfect for a visualization scale of 1:30,000.

As part of our maintenance program of PlanetSAT Global imagery basemap, we take advantage of Sentinel-2 satellite images to update more than 500 major cities and urban areas across the world. Those fresh Sentinel-2 satellite images are seamlessly blended in version #2018 of PlanetSAT Global basemap, to be released in spring 2018. This is our first step concerning Sentinel-2 data usage. This will be followed with basemaps processed with Sentinel-2 data covering regions, countries and continents!

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For Thailand National Day, 5 December.

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