Satellite image of the Danube Delta

Image of the month, from PlanetSAT Global natural colour imagery basemap

The Danube Delta is located both in Romania and Ukraine. The Danube has three main tributaries that flow into the Black Sea and a large network of channels that form the delta. The area is scattered with lakes, lagoons, marshes and forests that get sometimes flooded in spring and autumn. This is a true paradise for migratory birds. Since 1990, the whole area has been protected as the “Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve” in order to protect both the area, the biodiversity and sustainable activities, such as traditional artisanal fishing. It also became part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1991.

This satellite imagery offers striking and beautiful colours. It goes from flashy green for the lakes that contrast with the brown colours of the delta and the blue turquoise along the coastline. The colour palette of this image is just unique!

Expert in natural colour satellite imagery processing

For the past 30 years, PlanetObserver has developed a unique expertise in natural colour imagery processing. We process the RGB colour bands (Red/Green/Blue) of satellite images and offer imagery with a highly advanced colour balance. Our satellite images not only offer striking colours but also valuable and very detailed geographic information.

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For Romania National Day, 24 January.


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