Brand new: imagery basemap of Central and Eastern Europe with Landsat 8 data

Up-to-date, natural colour and cloudless imagery

We’ve just finalized the new PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemap of Central and Eastern Europe, processed with up-to-date and entirely cloudless Landsat 8 data. With a resolution of 15 meters, this basemap is perfect for a visualization scale of 1:80,000.

You want to see more? Here is a selection of satellite images featuring some emblematic areas of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Carpathians, legendary mountain chain

Located between the Alps to the west and the Black sea to the east, the Carpathian Mountains extend over many countries in Central and Eastern Europe. To the south, the Carpathians cover a large part of Romania, including the region of Transylvania, known for its beautiful scenery and rich history. Further north, they cross the western part of Ukraine and extend over most part of Slovakia to the northwest. With its highest peak at 2,655 meters in Slovakia, this mountain chain is clearly to be seen at the center of the satellite imagery.

The seamless and natural colour processing done by PlanetObserver highlights the mountain details and the contrast between the vast plains and the mountainous areas.

Water, lakes and inland seas

Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest lake in Central Europe. It is also called the “Hungarian sea”. As the satellite imagery shows, it has a striking milky green colour because of the algae that grows in the shallow waters.

Located both in Romania and Ukraine, the Danube Delta covers an area of approximately 150 km by 75 km. The satellite imagery shows striking and beautiful colours. It ranges from flashy green for the lakes that contrast with the brown colours of the delta and the blue turquoise along the coastline. The colour palette of this image is unique!

PlanetObserver does a high precision work on colour processing and colour balance between the original imagery scenes. This processing is best adapted to get imagery offering rich colours and high quality geographic information. On top of that, all water bodies, ranging from rivers, lakes or inland seas go through an advanced seamless processing.

Cities of Central and Eastern Europe

With more than 2.8 million people, Kiev is the largest city in Central Europe. The capital of Ukraine is located on both sides of the Dnieper, which flows southward to the Black Sea.

Also called the Baltic Russia, Kaliningrad oblast is part of the Russian federation on the shore of the Baltic Sea, surrounded by Lithuania to the north and the east, and Poland to the south. The city of Kaliningrad is nestled at the end of the Vistula Lagoon, a fresh water bay with amazing turquoise green colour. The Curonian Lagoon that is wider spread and located just north of Kaliningrad has the same intense water green colour.

Satellite imagery of coastal areas benefit also from an entirely seamless processing, while keeping all information available in the imagery, such as water turbidity or the rich colour shades.

Man’s impact

This satellite imagery shows a large open-pit copper mine, located close to the small city of Panagyurishte in Bulgaria. The extraction site has a diameter of almost 2 kilometers, which roughly corresponds to the size of the neighbour city!

Take advantage of PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps

PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps are available off-the-shelf and ready to be delivered. What are the user’s benefits? You get efficient and reliable raster data layers, essential to map a territory in a GIS solution or a visualization and simulation application.

The new PlanetSAT Updates basemap of Central and Eastern Europe is a new addition to our latest imagery productions: United States, Mexico and Northern Europe. You’ll find on PlanetSAT Updates webpage the list of all regions available. More than 60% of the Earth is now available with the new Landsat 8 basemaps! We also offer the global imagery basemap PlanetSAT Global at a resolution of 15 meters, that combines all PlanetSAT Updates basemaps.

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