Mathieu Lehanneur inspired by PlanetObserver satellite imagery

Perfect union between satellite imagery and design

The French designer Mathieu Lehanneur presents ’50 Seas’, a collection of 50 faïence works inspired by the many shades of blue of the oceans and seas of the world. Right now on show at Christie’s in Paris, this unique series is based on 50 colours selected by the designer in PlanetObserver satellite imagery.

Expert in satellite imagery for the past 30 years, PlanetObserver was the appropriate partner to supply high resolution satellite images for the project. Based on Mathieu Lehanneur’s selection of 50 spots scattered across the planet, PlanetObserver team has extracted all HD images from its global imagery basemap called PlanetSAT Global.

Natural colour satellite imagery

PlanetObserver satellite imagery is processed in natural colours from raw images collected by different satellites. After a number of automated processing steps, the final touch is always human. PlanetObserver experts adjust the colours and fine-tune the contrast to offer imagery totally consistent with the true colours of the planet.

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