3D animation with satellite imagery and elevation data

Mitsubishi Motors Outlander PHEV SUV marketing campaign features PlanetObserver data

The project

Outlander PHEV – Your beyond awaits

Digital marketing campaign set up by Kinship Paris communications agency for Mitsubishi Motors Automotive Group, for the promotion of the Outlander PHEV SUV.

The concept

Five passengers travel in Europe, from Paris to Norway, in the Outlander PHEV SUV. An adventure carried out in the spirit of exploration… Throughout the journey, meetings take place with influencers they admire. Those influencers are all experts and passionate in their domain, that range from fine French pastry, to photography and mountaineering.

Here are the different stages of the journey:

  • Paris – Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam – Hanover
  • Hanover – Malmö
  • Malmö – Oslo
  • Oslo – Bergen

This trip accros Europe is featured with satellite imagery and 3D elevation data in a website specially set up for this large-scale marketing campaign.

PlanetObserver service

  • Delivery of satellite imagery and elevation files, processed on-demand, for the coverage of all Europe. Data have been sampled at 150-meter resolution.
  • Delivery of land/water mask in order to separate the water layer and apply special effects on the sea.


A very slick 3D animation based on PlanetObserver satellite imagery and elevation data. The journey is displayed on the satellite map, windows open up onto rich and intense experiences. Natural colour satellite imagery create highly realistic landscape. Elevation data provide the additional 3D touch. An animation that takes you on a vast journey and opens up new horizons…

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