Satellite imagery of Estonia

Image of the month, from PlanetSAT Global seamless imagery basemap

Located in Northern Europe, Estonia is the northest Baltic country. The country is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the east by Russia and to the south by Latvia. Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is less than 90 kilometers away from Helsinki in Finland (across the sea!) and 400 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg in Russia.

This is a very green country, whose landscape is dominated by many forests, taiga and wetlands. Water is everywhere. There are more than 1400 lakes! The largest one, Lake Peipus, marks the border with Russia to the east. It is the fourth-largest lake in Europe. Frozen in the four winter months, it is navigable again the rest of the year. The lake is used for fishing and recreation, particularly during the long summer days and nights.

The satellite imagery highlights the green landscapes of Estonia, the extraordinary number of lakes scattered across the country, the jagged coastline and the many islands dotting the shore.

Seamless satellite imagery processing

In PlanetObserver satellite imagery products, visible seams between the original scenes are removed. Data are processed in a totally homogenous way, both on land and coastal areas. There is no strange blue buffer along the coastline as in some map applications. With PlanetObserver seamless imagery, users re-discover the true images and colours of the Earth. Beyond offering a great visual impact, seamless processing is most appropriate to provide high quality geographic information.

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For Estonia National Day, 24 February.

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