PlanetObserver 3D imagery showcased at World ATM Congress

In partnership with Micro Nav, developers of ATC simulation systems

World ATM Congress is the world largest international trade show dedicated to air traffic management (ATM) solutions. Every year, thousands of leading product developers, experts and stakeholders from the air navigation and simulation sector get together in Madrid to check out what’s new in this particularly innovative market.

For World ATM Congress 2018, PlanetObserver presents PlanetSAT imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data in Micro Nav BEST ATC simulation systems for Air Traffic Control. Micro Nav showcases PlanetObserver data on three individual BEST Tower simulation systems on stand 542. Embedded within the BEST 3D Image Generator, PlanetObserver imagery and elevation data provide a realistic view of the world within the BEST ATC simulator.

Micro Nav BEST ATC simulation systems rely on the Image Generator Software developed by the French company Imagine 3D.

3D imagery perfect for air navigation and simulation

PlanetSAT imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data totally fit in all air simulation solutions. With their 100% global coverage and high quality, PlanetSAT and PlanetDEM are ideal to create the world in 3D. PlanetSAT imagery enhanced colours and the precision of PlanetDEM elevation data bring significant added value to all 3D air navigation and simulation systems.

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World ATM Congress, Madrid (Spain) – 6-8 March 2018 – Micro Nav, stand 542

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