Meet all international actors of the GIS and geographic information industry

Esri User Conference 2018 in San Diego, California

The biggest annual event of the GIS and geographic information industry has just started! For five days, San Diego Convention Center will be crawling with experts, users, developers, entrepreneurs, suppliers that have one thing in common: Geographic Information Systems. The industry leader Esri is organizing this great annual event that no-one would want to miss out.

For your information, if your company does not have a proper understanding of what GIS is about and is rather reluctant to pay for that ticket to California, Esri provides justification letters by role or industry. You get a full set of arguments to show your boss of all the benefits of going there. It’s pretty simple and straightforward!

GIS – Inspiring What’s Next

2018 focus is “GIS – Inspiring What’s Next”. Get a deeper understanding of new GIS technology and emerging and future trends of that industry. Discussions will explore GIS developments and challenges in our ever changing digital environment with a focus on collaborating and sharing geographic information. The end target is to help organizations grow and communicate in many new ways.

We can talk about a true GIS revolution because GIS is everywhere today! Guest speakers  coming from various industries will share their experience in many sectors, ranging from forestry to ecological restoration, urban planning, location intelligence or education.

Where can you find us?

Now that you’ve got my point that Esri UC is a can’t-miss event, where will you find PlanetObserver geographic information solutions? Our partner East View Geospatial will showcase our geospatial data products on Booth #1906. Stop by to chat with East View team. You’ll be able to discuss you project with professionals from that industry.

ESRI User Conference 2018, San Diego Convention Center, California, USA / July 9 – 13, 2018


Meet our partner East View Geospatial at the Conference