2019 Advent Calendar – December 3: Kalahari Desert

What’s up for December 3? This is the Kalahari Desert, on the border between Namibia and South Africa near the neighbouring city of Rietfontein.

The unusual horizontal shapes that cut the satellite image from east to west are dune strips, sandy areas red-coloured by iron oxyds. The large white areas are salted basins formed by temporary dried lakes.

These pastel-colored shapes stand out very strongly from the red surrounding them, giving the image a striking contrast.

To the east, the Molopo River flows through this desert territory and gives a blue tone to this image which is drowned in a sea of red sand.

This is the favorite satellite image of our student apprentice Victor. He is totally amazed by this magnificent red color in the desert, an area which is usually more dominated by yellow than red. The overwhelming red color makes the image totally breathtaking and magnificent.

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