Global VHR Imagery Available On-Demand in our Online Map Service

On top of the global imagery and elevation layers, our web mapping service includes on-demand very high resolution (VHR) imagery.

Global VHR Imagery Available On-Demand in our Online Map Service

Recently launched, our online map service has had great success due to its various layers and their quality. On top of the global 10m imagery and the global 30m elevation dataset, this web mapping service includes a very high resolution (VHR) layer that covers the entirety of France with a 50 and 20-centimeter resolution. This is an amazing opportunity for businesses that have operations in France or are looking into having them. However, for all other business activities in other countries, the usage of the service was limited due to the lack of VHR imagery.  

For this reason, we are announcing the addition of on-demand VHR imagery in our online map service for any specific areas of interest in the world. The data will be directly integrated into the imagery layer.

Access all 50cm Pléiades and 1.5m SPOT 6/7 Satellite Imagery


The proven agility and reactivity of Pléiades satellites is a key asset to offer in-depth archives of high-quality satellite imagery anywhere in the world. With 50cm resolution, Pléiades satellite imagery provides unique detailed geographic information, adapted to 1:2000 scale mapping.  

San Diego, CA, USA – Pléiades © CNES 2021, Distribution Airbus DS

SPOT 6/7:

With daily revisits to any point on the globe, SPOT 6/7 satellites collect an impressive amount of archive imagery, offering a large choice of satellite imagery for your projects at national and regional scales. SPOT 6/7 satellite images have a 1.5m resolution, perfect for 1:5000 scale mapping.

Belchatow, Poland – SPOT6 © Airbus DS 2021

Why have your VHR Imagery in our Online Map Service?

Before, users needed to source the data, download files, process them and finally integrate them in their GIS or professional applications. Now, by having your VHR Imagery in our web map services, customers save time and effort in timely processes, such as data handling, stocking, and sharing. Moreover, the data will be automatically shared amongst all the users, improving the teamwork’s performance. Hence, having access to all VHR imagery in one place and synced. In short, just choose your AOI and we will do the rest.

VHR imagery data for your GIS solutions is ideal for precision mapping and in-depth intelligence. It is a valuable asset enabling improved decision making, allowing more efficient business operations, and enhancing a variety of applications across various industries from defense and intelligence, land mapping, civil engineering, and energy.

Furthermore, easily connect your GIS applications (ArcGIS, QGIS) and professional applications to our online map service. Combine our reliable global imagery and elevation basemaps with your own authoritative content and analysis environments.

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