Al-Khardj, Saudi Arabia (PlanetSAT Global)

Imagery processing

PlanetObserver develops value added satellite imagery mosaics processed in-house by our technical team.

Our technological expertise is particulary advanced in the following fields:

Colour processing

Our clients recognize our unique know-how in satellite imagery colour processing. The « PlanetObserver Touch » is the right balance between automated processing chain and human factor, particularly in the final colour processing steps. Human eye still overtakes the most advanced technology when it comes to colour balance. Our technical team operates manually to produce high quality satellite imagery mosaics with a faithful rendering of the Earth colours.

Seamless processing

On top of unique colours, we offer entirely homogeneous satellite imagery mosaics, with no visible seams between individual scenes. Both for inland and coast areas, seamless processing is essential to provide high quality imagery base maps. PlanetObserver imagery mosaics are therefore easily identified.

PlanetObserver, the Haute Couture of satellite imagery!

Vulcania - PlanetObserver satellite imagery
  • We have selected PlanetObserver satellite and aerial images to illustrate all Earth sciences issues. The attraction « Planet unveiled » presented on a 100-square meter screen at Vulcania’s entertainment park is entirely based on PlanetObserver global imagery and elevation data. With the support of our science facilitators, every visitor shall experience a unique journey and discover planet Earth in all its beauty and diversity.

    François Dominique de LarouzièreScientific Director, Vulcania

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