Miami, USA (PlanetSAT Global)

Control of  production

of satellite imagery and elevation models

PlanetObserver has opted for the full integration of every step of the production chain as the key to  offer high quality satellite imagery and elevation data. This strategy gives us a total independence from any external service providers and we can to provide the highest level of service to our clients and partners.

  • Fully integrated production chain for satellite imagery products, backed up by the strong experience and technological skills of our technical team;
  • In-depth knowledge of specific technology used throughout the production chain: expertise in digital imaging tools and techniques dedicated to imagery and elevation data processing (Global Mapper, Envi) and colour processing (Photoshop);
  • In-house development of proprietary data processing programs for imagery and elevation data processing;
  • Optimized database management: handling of satellite imagery mosaics of several Terabytes, management of different data formats adapted to professional solutions of different industry sectors, etc.
  • "We’re very happy with PlanetObserver satellite images. The standard products are easy to implement in our solutions and their team is very helpful for all our special requests. They provide constant support and very fast product deliveries for all our projects."

    Hermin Aftahi & Florian SchröderCEOs of Ask - Innovative Visualisierungslösungen GmbH

We control the geospatial products,

satellite imagery and elevation data we offer,

as we produce them!

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