Annapurna, Himalayas, Nepal (PlanetDEM 30 Plus)

Research and  innovation

Geospatial industry being a cutting-edge sector, we have set up an advanced Research and Development policy for constant technology innovation. We rely on strong internal skills in different fields, from programming, Earth Sciences to remote sensing and GIS to conduct ambitious R&D projects. These projects are implemented to meet the needs of both our markets and our clients and partners.

We concentrate our efforts on the following issues:

  • Development of specific algorythms and process for imagery and elevation data production, with a triple objective:
  • Value-added product development and portfolio diversification in order to offer new imagery and elevation data meeting larger needs;
  • Optimize production times in order to reduce delivery time;
  • Offer regular update programs for our imagery products.
  • Internal technological watch activity in order to develop products and services best adapted to all new solutions and applications..

End results:


of our production capacity


of our delivery time

Our clients and partners directly benefit from these developments. They have been renewing their trust in our company over the years. This recognition of our company performance in research and innovation is a great encouragement to move forward.

Eureka label

PlanetObserver has been awarded the Eureka label by the European Union in 2000. It is the highest European honour in Research and Development.

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