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Be inspired by our Earth images
and create powerful communication campaigns

We work with all communication agencies and corporate communication departments. They use our services to source ready-to-use satellite and aerial imagery of France and any place in the world.

We supply high resolution files for any kind of media plan, whether for large format displays (billboards, bus shelter posters, etc.), brochures and flyers, TV commercials or websites.

With our experience of the communication sector, we’re aware of your specific constraints. We do our best to meet your requests within short delivery times while providing high service level.

PlanetObserver service for communication agencies and corporate communication:

  • 1st contact

    You give us details on your project by phone or email

  • Offer

    Supply of low resolution images for validation

  • Production

    Preparation of ready-to-use high resolution files

  • Delivery

    FTP file delivery within very short delivery times

Key benefits

  • Delivery of ready-to-use high resolution files
  • Very competitive delivery times
  • Pricing adapted to image usage

Application fields

  • Communication agencies
  • Corporate communication

Communication agencies

Examples of customer projects with PlanetObserver satellite and aerial imagery:

BETC communication agency
BETC communication agency

Large media plan set up by BETC agency for the Credit Agricole bank with PlanetAIR France aerial photography.

Publicis communication agency
Publicis communication agency

Delivery of satellite imagery for billboard adversiting for RATP (Paris transports) media plan.

Corporate communication

Examples of customer projects with PlanetObserver satellite and aerial imagery:

Credit Agricole Bank
Credit Agricole Bank

Credit Agricole Bank has chosen PlanetAIR France aerial imagery for focused communication actions.


For UNESCO’s 60th anniversary, PlanetObserver has organised a major outdoor exhibition with PlanetSAT satellite imagery illustrating UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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