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Modeling & simulation

For training programs and mission planning systems, actors from the Defense industry use simulation solutions developed with the latest technology.

Based on virtual globe systems, visual solutions integrate highly realistic 3D synthetic environments. Generated from satellite imagery and aerial photography combined with elevation data, simulation tools provide the necessary visual cues for a good recognition of the environment.

PlanetObserver products meet the high standards of military modeling and simulation applications. PlanetSAT imagery provides natural colour environments, while PlanetDEM elevation data offers great 3D accuracy. Database thus generated are perfect to create highly realistic virtual worlds.

PlanetObserver satellite imagery and elevation data are widely used by companies specialized in the development of modeling and simulation software products for the Defense industry.

We provide ready-to-use imagery and elevation data for your simulation applications.

Case study: Thales Optronique

Defense - PlanetObserver imagery and elevation data

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