Case study: Ijin Prod
Media / Audiovisual production

  • France

Ijin Prod is a French studio specialized in the production of 3D animated sequences for production companies and communication agencies. Produced sequences are used in documentary films, corporate and commercial films, etc.

Ijin Prod creates many animated sequences with cartographic resources, such as satellite and aerial imagery and elevation data to create 3D environments.

PlanetObserver service for Ijin Prod

We have set up a regular partnership with Ijin Prod and we supply them different satellite imagery, aerial photography and elevation data. Depending on the project, imagery of France or other parts of the world has to be supplied. As our database covers the whole planet, we may always provide PlanetSAT satellite imagery and PlanetAIR aerial photography meeting the client’s needs.

Specialized in 3D animation, Ijin Prod studio takes advantage of PlanetDEM elevation data to recreate 3D environments. The accuracy of PlanetDEM elevation data brings the necessary level of realism in any 3D animated sequence.

Project example

Delivery of PlanetAIR France aerial imagery of the Mont-Blanc massif, for 3D sequences production used in the documentary « Les pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain » broadcasted on France Televisions and produced by Elephant & Cie.

PlanetObserver service +

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