Case study: Intercarto – MapAndData
Media / Mapping

  • France

PlanetObserver and Intercarto have partnered to provide an innovative range of satellite and relief maps to all professionals involved in mapping and communication projects.

As a map specialist of all kinds, Intercarto supplies vector maps  to GIS users and illustrative and graphic maps to all communication and media specialists.

With our expertise in imagery processing, PlanetObserver offers satellite maps and relief maps of France and any place in the world.

The partnership with Intercarto – MapAndData

PlanetObserver satellite maps and relief maps of France are immediately available for download on online map shop. Maps of any country or place in the word are also available on-demand on the same online map shop.

PlanetObserver satellite maps and relief maps distributed by Intercarto – MapAndData can be delivered in two formats:

  • illustrative maps (high resolution files)
  • georeferenced files that can be combined with vector data, such as administrative boundaries, road network, etc.

PlanetObserver satellite maps and relief maps are perfect for any mapping project in any sector, from GIS, media to communication.

PlanetObserver service +

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Rapid delivery

High resolution file delivery within 48 hours

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