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RSA Cosmos is one of the few planetarium manufacturers in the world to develop his own optical and digital planetarium solutions.

Located in Saint-Etienne (France), the company offers innovative software and hardware products, ranging from astronomical simulation software to turnkey solutions providing full planetarium equipment.

Displayed on the planetarium dome, SkyExplorer solution is the 3D Real Time astronomical simulation software developed by RSA Cosmos. This simulation solution uses many different databases on cosmos together with satellite imagery base map and elevation data covering the entire planet Earth.

The partnership with RSA Cosmos

RSA Cosmos has chosen PlanetSAT 15 global imagery base map and PlanetDEM elevation data for SkyExplorer solution. Thanks to the latest technology in 3D real-time digital images, users can recreate 3D synthetic environments with PlanetObserver satellite imagery and elevation data.

PlanetSAT 2.5 satellite imagery and PlanetAIR France aerial photography are now also available in SkyExplorer solution.

SkyExplorer solution with PlanetSAT 15 global imagery base map and PlanetDEM elevation data is used by many planetariums across the world.

Planetarium references

France: Cappelle la Grande, Paris – Cité des sciences La Villette, Helfaut, Nantes, Saint-Etienne, etc.

Across the world: Brno (Czech Republic), Bruges and Brussels (Belgium), Cheong-Ju (Korea), Coimbra (Portugal), Cottbus (Germany), Cuenca (Ecuador), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Ghardaia (Algeria), Huesca (Spain), etc.

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Regular updates of PlanetSAT 15 global imagery product

Nouveaux produits

Constant new offerings for satellite imagery and aerial photography

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