Case study: Airbus Helicopters
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Key player of the aeronautics industry, Airbus Helicopters is leader in civil helicopter manufacturing and offers a large range of military helicopters, Airbus Helicopters also develops simulation and mission planning systems. Based on 2D and 3d cartographic data, those visualization and simulation solutions help users understand the tactical situation at a glance and accurately define profile and feasibility of any type of mission.

PlanetObserver service for Airbus Helicopters

PlanetObserver has supplied PlanetDEM global elevation model to Airbus Helicopters.  PlanetDEM global elevation product is implemented in all Airbus Helicopters simulation and mission planning systems, as « demonstration data ». PlanetDEM elevation data are perfectly adapted to meet all visualization, simulation, mapping and planification needs of the aeronautics industry.

PlanetObserver service +

Adapted format

Elevation data prepared in a special digital format for military system applications (DTED format)

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