Case study: CNES and ESA-ESTEC
Space and aeronautics industry / Orthorectification

  • France, Italy

Key players of the space industry, the French space agency CNES (« Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales ») and the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) of the European Space Agency (ESA) work jointly on the Sentinel project, a constellation of new generation satellites focusing on global Earth monitoring.

For Sentinel-2 mission, composed of a pair of satellites, the French space agency CNES and the ESA set up a number of structures for satellite imagery reception, processing and distribution.

Satellite imagery orthorectification is a key step in the whole process. Orthorectification is the process of geometrically correcting a satellite image by using digital elevation data.

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PlanetObserver service for CNES and ESA-ESTEC

PlanetObserver has supplied PlanetDEM global elevation product to the CNES and the European Space Agency ESA-ESTEC for the preparation phase of Sentinel-2 satellite imagery orthorectification process.

By offering reliable data for the global Earth’s land surface, PlanetDEM global elevation product meet the high quality standards defined by the CNES and ESA-ESTEC for satellite imagery orthorectification.

PlanetDEM global elevation dataset complies with satellite operators specifications of the space industry and users of satellite data.

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