Case study: BeWapp
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BeWapp is a web agency specialised in the development of business web applications, in SaaS mode (software as a service), hosted on a cloud. BeWapp know-how covers different sectors, including geostrategic applications for business real estate and management solutions for real estate programs.

Location based services and information geolocation are crucial in many web apps. Many web solutions developed by BeWapp are based on cartographic layers derived from satellite and aerial imagery.

PlanetObserver service for BeWapp

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As part of the development of a real estate software web program, PlanetObserver has been asked to supply a global imagery base map necessary to localize geostrategic real estate information. PlanetSAT 15 global imagery base map has been selected by BeWapp.

PlanetObserver has reprocessed PlanetSAT 15 global imagery base map in terms of projection and tiling. We have delivered ready-to-use files easy to implement in the client’s web application.

The web app developed by BeWapp is regularly upgraded with aerial photography of European cities. With PlanetAIR Monde sourcing service, we offer recent aerial photography that our technical team processes according to clients’ specifications.

Quick and professional service

PlanetObserver team worked extensively in order to supply the required satellite and aerial imagery just on time, as the application was to be shown at a major international real estate trade show.

PlanetObserver service +

Data projection

Satellite imagery projection adapted in order to supply ready-to-use data for the web app

Compressed format

Supply of imagery data in a compressed format (ECW) that reduces data weight but not quality

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