Case study: ViaMichelin
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ViaMichelin is an entity of Michelin Travel Partner, the Michelin subsidiary dedicated  to the conception and marketing of print products and digital services aiming at facilitating travel. Intended both for private and business users, Michelin Travel Partner has a comprehensive offer ranging from guides and maps to web and mobile apps.

Back in 2001, Michelin Travel Partner has launched website, a full on-line web-mapping portal, including maps, route planning and aerial and satellite imagery.

PlanetObserver service for ViaMichelin

Michelin Travel Partner has selected PlanetSAT 15 global imagery base map to be used as a backdrop in ViaMichelin web-mapping solution.

A close partnership has been set up with Michelin Travel Partner cartographic department in order to define how PlanetSAT 15 imagery had to be adapted. Out technical team has reprocessed the global PlanetSAT 15 imagery base map in order to adapt projection and tiling structure.

We’ve been able to satisfy the technical requirements for ViaMichelin web mapping solution. We have delivered ready-to-use files that could be directly implemented in ViaMichelin web mapping software.

ViaMichelin has also acquired PlanetDEM global elevation data that shall be used in different 3D projects, such as 3D visualization of geographical information or 3D fly-through animations.

  • ViaMichelin - PlanetObserver
  • ViaMichelin - PlanetObserver
  • ViaMichelin - PlanetObserver

PlanetObserver service +

Data projection

Imagery projection adapted in order to supply a ready-to-use product for the web-mapping solution

Compressed format

Supply of imagery data in a compressed format (ECW) that reduces data weight but not quality

Other projects with Michelin Travel Partner:

Michelin road maps
Michelin road mapsCreation of "relief imagery background"
with imagery and elevation data
Hiking trails
Hiking trails Development of terrain profiles for hiking trails
with PlanetDEM 30 elevation data

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