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  • Switzerland

The company Xample is specialised in software development for all web and mobile platforms. They develop smartphone applications for the aeronautical and navigation worlds, as well as audio software and various kinds of web services.

Xample has developed Air Navigation app, a real-time aircraft moving map navigation application. Largely distributed in its original 2D version, it has been upgraded to the 3D version Air Navigation Pro as a result of a techological partnership between Xample and the company Navlogic.

For Air Navigation Pro 3D synthetic vision, Xample was looking for imagery mosaics and elevation data covering more than 90 countries across the world, including very large territories such as the US and India.

The partnership with Xample

Air Navigation Pro web & mobile app integrates PlanetSAT 15 satellite imagery combined with PlanetDEM elevation data. With the unique visual quality of PlanetSAT imagery and the accuracy of PlanetDEM elevation data, Air Navigation Pro app offers a great 3D experience to all users.

The partnership with Xample carries on with PlanetSAT 2.5 high resolution imagery and PlanetDEM elevation data. This new offering of 3D HD maps is a great addition to the existing map range available for Air Navigation Pro users.

  • We’ve been working with PlanetObserver since Air Navigation Pro application was launched. We very much appreciate the responsiveness of the whole team. They regularly come up with new product suggestions that are totally consistent with our own developments.

    Johann HugueninCEO, Xample

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