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Accurate and reliable global elevation data

Turnkey 3D data solution for professionals

Accurate elevation data
with global coverage

Map the World in 3D
The 30-meter resolution available on all emerged land of our planet provides a detailed and efficient 3D description of our environment.

Perfect decision-making tool for all your projects
For any area of interest across the world, you get high quality data to make informed decisions and find intelligent solutions.

Get project ready
elevation data

Ready-to-use data
Take advantage of advanced elevation data processed from entirely corrected 30-meter SRTM data combined with other multi-source data.

Reliable data for all your applications
Benefit from enhanced and corrected SRTM data, with extensive corrections on all mountainous regions across the world and in many desert areas.

Test our elevation data for free

They use our elevation data

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  • "Working with PlanetObserver elevation data is really easy. Their file formats are totally adapted to our software tools. We get quick FTP delivery. The product is perfect to create stunning 3D views in Air Navigation Pro, our flight planning and real-time aircraft navigation app."

    Johann HugueninCEO, Xample

See 4 use cases

PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation product is used across many sectors for a wide range of applications. This is why we work with all customers, both from the civil and military sectors, in the whole world.

Discover a few projects implemented by our clients and partners.

PlanetObserver - Digital Elevation Model - Aeronautique - Dassault Aviation

Aeronautics: Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation implements PlanetDEM elevation data for evaluation and simulation works during mission preparation phases and Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft test benches.

PlanetObserver - Digital Elevation Model - Defense - Thales Optronique

Defense: Thales Optronique

PlanetDEM elevation data are embedded in land and ocean monitoring systems and solutions developed by Thales Optronique.

PlanetObserver - Digital Elevation Model - Spatial - ESA

Space: ESA (European Space Agency)

PlanetDEM elevation data are used as reference data for the orthorectification of Sentinel-2 satellite imagery from Copernicus Earth Observation European program.

PlanetObserver - Digital Elevation Model - Appli Mobile - Air Navigation Pro

Mobile app: Air Navigation Pro

This 3D flight-planning and real-time navigation application for recreational aviation uses PlanetDEM elevation data to create highly realistic 3D landscapes.

Let’s discuss your project

Save time with ready-to-use 3D data
adapted to your project


Data are provided in standard formats
adapted to any professional solutions.


Data can be adapted on-demand,
in terms of format, projection, tiling and resolution.


FTP delivery within the day
for any standard orders.

PlanetDEM 30 Plus,
global 30-meter elevation product

Elevation data benefits

  • Global coverage: Complete pole-to-pole coverage of all emerged land.
  • Two resolutions available off-the-shelf: 30 meters (DTED2) and 90 meters (DTED1)
  • Seamless and reliable multi-source data: Advanced processing of all source data based on internally developed production techniques.
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM): Data include natural and built features on the Earth’s surface.

Easy to use data

  • Customized deliveries of your areas of interest: From a few square kilometers up to the global product
  • Large choice of formats: Data available off-the-shelf in different standard formats (GEOTIFF, DTED). Tiling structure, format and projection can be customized on-demand.
  • Quick delivery: Very short delivery times, down to 24 hours for any standard data supply per FTP. On-demand delivery on external hard drive, depending on data size.
PlanetDEM 30 Plus: corrected SRTM 30 elevation data

Let’s discuss your project