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PlanetSAT Updates

Imagery basemap update service

With PlanetSAT Updates service, we constantly update and produce new imagery basemaps with recent and cloud-free Landsat 8 data. PlanetSAT Updates are seamless and natural color basemaps at 15m resolution.

PlanetSAT Updates basemaps are ready for immediate use for the following regions: Western Europe, North Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia, India, Oceania and Asia.

Our latest productions: United States, Mexico, Northern and Central Europe!

PlanetSAT Updates: Countries and regions available

Check out on the map the areas immediately available, either for a full country or any area of your choice. And discover all areas in production scheduled for release throughout 2017. We constantly produce new regions by processing fresh Landsat 8 satellite images. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more on the production schedule.

PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps January 2018

You’re looking for a global imagery basemap?

PlanetSAT Updates basemaps are used to upgrade and update PlanetSAT Global basemap.

Focus on latest PlanetSAT Updates imagery

Here is a focus on the latest productions of PlanetSAT Updates basemaps. More than 10 million sq km have been newly covered. You can order right now the regions United States (without Alaska), Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador in Central America, Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Finland, Estonia and Latvia) and Central Europe. Those new basemaps are entirely processed at 15-meter resolution with Landsat 8 satellite images, mainly from 2015-2017.

Countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador
Area size: 2.1 million sq km
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United States
Country: United States (without Alaska)
Area size: 8.1 million sq km
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Northern Europe
Countries: Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), Finland, Estonia, Latvia
Area size: 1.2 million sq km
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Central Europe
Countries: Baltic States, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Balkans, western Ukraine
Area size: 1.6 million sq km
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The advantages of PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps

  • High quality imagery basemap at 15m resolution: offering a working scale down to 1:50,000,
  • Up-to-date imagery: use of Landsat 8 data collected between 2013-2017,
  • More than 100 Mill. sq km ready for delivery: Western Europe, Northern and Central Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, India, Asia, Oceania, Mexico and part of Central America, United States,
  • Faithful reproduction of the Earth colours: exclusive seamless data processing in natural colours (RGB).

PlanetSAT Updates are seamless basemaps processed in natural colours (RGB) from Landsat 8 source data. We select the best available cloudless scenes collected since spring 2013 in order to offer a new generation of high quality up-to-date imagery basemap.

Examples of country basemaps and 15m areas

More satellite images

Technical specifications

PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps

  • Resolution: 15 m
  • Spectral mode: natural colours (3 bands RGB)
  • Source: Landsat 8 satellite images
  • Acquisition dates: 2013-2017
  • Projection: Geographic WGS 84
  • File format: GeoTiff, ECW
  • Tiling structure: 2°x2° tiles
  • Tile size: 600 MB in GeoTiff
  • Delivery terms: FTP or hard drive


Take advantage of PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps in all your projects

PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps constitute a great asset for all projects requiring up-to-date quality satellite images. PlanetSAT Updates users come from various industries, ranging from web-mapping, mobile apps, to any kind of visualization and simulation solutions for media, entertainment or military purposes.

Check out how users take advantage of PlanetSAT Updates imagery basemaps in their industry sectors:

PlanetObserver service +

Area of your choice
Delivery of the area of interest of your choice.
Projection on-demand
Data projection of your choice to supply a product ready-to-use in your solution.
Format of your choice
Data supplied in standard or customized professional file formats.
Free samples
Sample delivery for your internal technical evaluation, at no charges.
Rapid delivery
Short delivery time down to 48 hours for any standard data supply per FTP.
Technical support
We provide constant technical support, to better serve our customers.

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